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Robber ties up Magnolia Heights residents with video game cords
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 On July 6, an armed robbery at Magnolia Heights got physical, as a local resident was struck in the back of the head with a pistol and robbed of $300.

 Covington Police Department officer David Stewart was dispatched to Magnolia Heights apartment complex after victims were reported to have been tied up by the cords from video game controllers and robbed at gun point.

 The CPD police report stated that the suspect, who was reported to be a black male, wearing all black with a mask and white shoes, knocked on the victim's apartment door around noon.

 When the first victim opened the door, the intruder pointed a silver pistol at her head and forced her back inside.

 After striking another victim in the back of the head with the pistol as he lay sleeping, the robber caught a third victim trying to escape through the front door.

 The assailant reportedly demanded that everyone empty their pockets and lay on the floor as he insisted the victims tell him "where it is."

 Unsure of what the intruder was talking about, the three victims laid hostage on the floor as he tied one of them up with the cord from a video game controller.

 The intruder eventually left the victims with out causing further harm after frantically rummaging through all their belongings.

 The robber escaped with $300 and one of the victim's cell phones.

 CPD detective Daniel Seals was called to the scene to do a thorough inspection of the crime scene.

 Detective Seals secured evidence and took photographs of the apartment before interviewing two possible witnesses, who were unable to give a full description of the thief.

 After a complete investigation of the apartment was conducted, officer Stewart noticed another possible witness standing outside of her near-by house.

 When asked if she had seen anything suspicious, the witness said she saw a man that fit the police description standing outside the apartment complex earlier.

 The witness said that the man was looking around and talking to himself 30 minutes prior to being questioned. She also said the last time she saw the man he was walking with a bandana on his head toward the Shell gas station.

 The Emergency Medical System was called to assist the victim who was struck in the head with the pistol.

 The victim was transported by ambulance to the emergency room.

 While investigations are still taking place, currently no arrests have been made.