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Relive the first Thanksgiving
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Louis and Billie Van Dyke, owners of the Blue Willow Inn restaurant, recently announced their plans to host a First Thanksgiving display and replica table setting in Social Circle.

Visitors to the Inn can enjoy the presentation from Saturday until Nov. 25.

"A replication of the first Thanksgiving ties in perfectly with the essence of The Blue Willow Inn," Louis Van Dyke said. "We designed the Inn as a way to transport our visitors back to simpler times, and this authentic replication will allow us to experience the holiday as it was originally intended."

The display will be a tribute to a feast held in the autumn of 1621 between colonists and Wampanoag native-American tribe.

A period table, constructed out of rough-cut lumber, will be adorned with settings and decorations typical of the early 1600s in New England.

Feast cuisine includes venison, wild turkey, squash, corn, gourds, berries, nuts, cranberries, lobster, fish and other traditional colonial fare.

A replica saber, musket gun, Indian spear and hatchet, a 150-year-old wheel barrow, a cook fire with pot on a steel frame and an old Bible and cross will also be on exhibited.

The Blue Willow Inn partnered with Joseph Hurt Studios in Stone Mountain for the feast's design.