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Readiness group mobilizes
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Ever wondered what you could do to support the servicemen and women living in your community?

Operation Patriot's Call is seeking the participation of local businesses and community organizations in a new effort to support the spouses and significant others of the First Battalion 121st Infantry Regiment as it trains and is deployed to Afghanistan next year as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

An informational meeting on Operation Patriot's Call will be held at 7 p.m., tomorrow at the Bravo Company 1/121st Infantry Armory at 4214 Carroll Street in Covington. Attendees will be given a presentation on their local National Guard unit and their upcoming deployment to Afghanistan next July.

Attendees will be invited to sign-up to be part of a resource directory that the spouses and significant others of deployed servicemen can turn to when they are faced with a flat tire, are in need of home repair or are faced with any of the many other situations which may arise.

Family Readiness Group member Kim Schroeder said the idea behind Operation Patriot's Call was to take some of the stress off both the spouses remaining at home in Georgia and the servicemen surviving abroad.

Local businesses and community organizations that are willing to offer assistance to spouses in need of vehicle repair, appliance repair, home repair, vehicle towing, lawn care, plumbing repair, movie rentals, restaurants, medical and dental care, tax services and a host of other typical family needs are encouraged to participate in Operation Patriot's Call.

Schroeder said the goal is to have Operation Patriot's Call up and running by May so that when the guardsmen are deployed to Eastern Europe in July for training, their loved ones will have a support network in place. In preparation of their deployment, Schroder said the guardsmen will over the course of the next year be put through an intensive training regime which will take them away from home for longer periods of time.

Attendees are asked to RSVP to Jonathan Razzano at or by calling (678)787-1674. To learn more about Operation Patriot's Call visit