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Reader responds to Sunday column
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Dear Editor: Now we know where Mr. Nat Harwell stands on presidential races. Now I will howl as he said about Mr. Obama. What about all that amazing foreign policy experience our present president had when elected. He hadn't seen the ball since the kickoff and still hasn't.

He got elected on dad's name, and started a war with so many lies the best con artist you can think of would have been proud. All of this for his ego and Dick Cheney's Haliburton with no idea how to get out, and he said mission accomplished within days of invading a country for his oil buddies.

Eight years later, we are still there, over 4,000 dead soldiers, billions and billions wasted on a country that hates us, trillions, yes trillions in national debt, tax breaks for the rich, and re-elected by scare tactics. Now you want us to not believe we should have change. Foreign policy? Yes, Mr. Harwell, President Bush has foreign policy experience; he knows how to alienate every foreign country we used to get along with. Now we should vote for four more years of George Bush with John McCain and stay in Iraq until we win.

Tell me again what we are winning. More oil? Sorry Nat, no vote here. You're right about one thing, Bye Bye, Miss American Pie, and dreams from the Bush, Cheney and McCain policies