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Rainbow Community Center director charged in attack
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Two women were arrested Thursday at the Rainbow Community Center in Porterdale after they allegedly attacked a resident of the homeless shelter.

Ashley Derricho and her grandmother, the Rev. Clara Lett, director of the Rainbow Community Center, reportedly assaulted a 20-year-old woman after an argument turned violent.

When reached for comment, Lett declined to speak specifically on the case.

"I'm going to let my attorney handle it," Lett said.

According to the Porterdale Police Department incident report, the victim reportedly told Officer David Henson during an argument with Lett, 56, the victim said, "God needed to help Pastor Lett run this place because she was not doing it properly." After the comment, Derricho, 20, reportedly began cursing the victim while shoving her finger in the victim's face.

 During the argument, Derricho reportedly told the victim, "You are not going to talk to my grandmother that way." When the argument continued to escalate, Lett reportedly forced her way between the pair and shoved the victim down stairs where the victim landed on her back.

Henson's report indicates Derricho then struck the victim in the face with a closed fist several times while Lett jumped onto the victim and grabbed her around the throat. According to the report, a witness reportedly attempted to breakup the fight, but was unable to pry the attackers off the victim. After several minutes, others reportedly arrived at the fight and were able to separate the women.

"The witness completely backed up the victim's story," Henson said. "We went through every part of the situation. Neither the witness nor the victim ever had contradicting statements while Ms. Lett and Ms. Derricho's stories were inconsistent."

The victim reportedly complained to officers that her back was hurting after the fight. According to the report, an inspection of her body found three large marks on her back, which were consistent with a hard fall. She also sustained a scratch to her face and finger.

Derricho also suffered several scratches to her face, which where consistent with reports given.

According to the incident report, Lett told the officer the argument turned violent when the victim slapped her in the face.

"There was not sign of her being slapped," Henson said. "There were no red marks on her face."

Derricho was charged with battery in connection with the incident while Lett was charged with simple battery. Both were released on $1,000 bond.