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Police seeking ATM thieves
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The Covington Police Department is on the lookout for suspected serial thieves after unknown persons attempted to remove the ATM from Newton Federal Bank.

CPD Detective DJ Seals said security footage showed a person pull the rear end of a white van up to the ATM at approximately 2 a.m. Thursday morning. The unidentified person then strapped the ATM to the back of the van and attempted to rip the machine from the ground and wall. The strap reportedly broke after partially disconnecting the ATM from its foundation.

"That ATM is old," Seals said. "It might weigh as much as the van."

Similar crimes have occurred in other metro Atlanta counties, Seals said, but it has yet to be determined if the crime in Covington is related to those in other areas.

"Other jurisdictions have said the van has some sort of wench system, but like I said, we haven't been able to connect them yet," Seals said.

The would-be thief painted some of the security cameras before committing the crime but did not do a very good job, Seals said. Some cameras were too high to be covered while others were not covered completely.

So far the CPD has been unable to determine the race or sex of the suspect seen on camera. Seals said the person bundled up and was completely covered from head to foot. Other counties have reported similar crimes have been committed by multiple suspects. Seals said though they think there were two people in the van; they cannot be certain due to the partially obstructed cameras.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the CPD at (770) 786-7605.