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Police hunting for assault suspect
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Law enforcement officials are on the lookout for a man called "Munt" after he reportedly brutally beat a woman Thursday.

Covington Police Officer Joseph Parkin responded to a fight at a residence on Green Acres Drive. He met with the victim who stated she had been attacked.

The victim said she and her friend were at another friend's house in Harmony Place when a man she only knew as "Munt" began to hit her. Parkin noted in his report that the victim's wounds were noticeable with a left swollen eye and fresh dried blood coming from her right ear.

The victim stated she and "Munt" had been arguing because he did not want her at the house. However, she would not leave and the victim said her friend told "Munt" she did not want him there any longer.

At this point "Munt" reportedly got upset and began to hit the victim repeatedly. She said she managed to get away from "Munt" when people told him to get off her. Once "Munt" stopped hitting her, the victim left the house and walked over to another residence on Green Acres Drive.

Parkin spoke with the victim's friend over the phone, but she was unable to provide "Munt's" real name or address. The victim was informed that she could swear a warrant out for "Munt" if she found out his real name.

If you have any information concerning this case, please call the Covington Police at (770) 786-7605.