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P'dale man threatens to shoot children
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A Porterdale man was arrested on Tuesday on multiple charges, including cruelty to children, after he reportedly threatened to shoot a group of kids if they came onto his property.

According to reports, residents of Ivy Street called for emergency assistance Tuesday evening when neighbors reported an argument had broken out in the neighborhood. When the officer arrived he was told by a group of girls that a white male, later identified as 44-year-old Walter Murphy, had been driving erratically and come close to striking a child who was riding a bike.

The girls reportedly yelled at the man to slow down and, according to reports, he stopped his vehicle and backed up in the middle of the road and began cursing at them, allegedly threatening to shoot them between the eyes. He then reportedly began doing donuts in the road.

The officer reportedly assured the group of girls - one of which was only 14-years-old - that he would speak to Murphy and that they should wait where they were. The officer then headed to the address supplied by the females for Murphy.

When the officer arrived he noticed Murphy seated on the porch. Without being prompted, Murphy allegedly stood up and came towards the officer, reportedly saying that if the group of kids came on his property that he would shoot them and that he knew the law and had a right to protect his property.

Murphy was told to calm down by the officer, who also reportedly attempted to explain to him that he could not shoot the group of children. Murphy reportedly became irate and began yelling and pointing his finger in the officer's face, telling the officer "to hell with you" and saying he wanted to speak to his supervisor and the officer needed to "get the hell off my property."

According to reports, the officer once again told Murphy he needed to calm down to not speak like that but Murphy refused and continued to curse, reportedly telling the officer he could talk to him any way he wanted. After once more telling the officer where to go Murphy was informed that he was under arrest at which point, according to reported, he attempted to walk back into the residence.

The officer states in the police report that he grabbed Murphy's shirt to keep him from heading back into the home because he [the officer] was aware there were weapons inside the house. Murphy was allegedly told several times to put his hands behind his back and on each occasion he reportedly refused to do so, trying each time to get away from the officer, even pushing him into a screen door at one point.

After several minutes of tussling, the officer shot one burst of pepper spray into Murphy's face, thinking that would help Murphy to comply and put his hands behind his back. The officer was wrong and Murphy reportedly continued to fight the officer until he heard police sirens coming to assist. Only then did Murphy finally comply with the officer's orders, according to reports.

As Murphy was being placed under arrest a PPD supervisor arrived at the scene and located skid marks on the road where the girls said Murphy had been doing donuts and driving erratically. Murphy's tires reportedly smelled of burnt rubber, according to reports.

Murphy was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center where he was charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction, battery on a law enforcement officer, cruelty to children and terroristic threats.