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Our thoughts...
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Giving the community a voice to speak its mind on issues of local importance is one of the most important duties of a community newspaper.

From letters to the editor to guest columnists, the community should have numerous ways to weigh in on everything from local government to education to quality of life.

Over the last two months we have been working on making our editorial page a focal point of the paper and the community.

We have added Georgia columnist Bill Shipp, who offers a conservative view of Georgia politics.

We are also pleased to have added cartoons by Georgia artist David Boyd and his son David Boyd Jr.

David Sr. has done the cartoons for the Jeff Foxworthy books for years.

We are in negotiations to bring back the humor of Lewis Grizzard, who delighted readers for years until his untimely death 14 years ago.

We encourage you to comment on our views or add your own thoughts to this page.

We have to admit that we are disappointed by the lack of public comment that we receive on the many issues that face us each day in our community and nation.

In talking to some community leaders, there seems to be a suggestion that there is a fear in expressing your views in this community.

We promise we will work with you to end these fears.

A number of community leaders have been asked to write a column from time to time to inform our readers of what is going on in our community. We hope that this will generate responses on a regular basis soon.

Those responding are required to sign letters or comments. It is only fair that if you wish to make comments about elected officials or others that you have the courage to put your signature on your comments.

We are going to continue to editorialize. You don't have to always agree with us, but if it makes you think or fires you up to do something positive in our community, then we have succeeded.

Your comments are always welcome on the editorial pages of the Covington News.