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Online Exclusive: Mike Crotts on the issues...
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Crotts said he would take all of the state agencies, such as the agriculture department, that don't need to be in Atlanta and move them to central Georgia. To lessen gridlock, he said he would follow the practices put in place during the 1996 Summer Olympics.


"We staggered the drive times where we didn't have everyone going in at 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. During that two week period we had the cleanest air that we had in years," Crotts said.


Crotts said he would also support offering businesses tax incentives to allow their employees to telework from their homes.


Subsidies for the development of alternative energy


"A lot of that is determined by what Washington does as far as our energy base. I think here in Georgia we could look at alternative fuel sources such as ethanol. We have the land to manufacture or grow that type of thing. I think the first step though, is to get going with it and start making it happen. We can't continue to live, depending on foreign oil."


Improving education


"I think a lot of it has to do with putting in incentives. I believe we should offer [teachers] incentives for how well their students do in their testing."


Crotts said he would also support more technical high schools for students that otherwise might drop-out.


"Some kids need to be in the technical area rather than battling, just trying to graduate from high school," Crotts said.


Georgia's shortage of trauma centers


"The first thing I think we have to do is eliminate the drain on our hospitals where we have so many illegal immigrants that should not be here," Crotts said.


Crotts said once the financial costs illegal immigrants incur on area hospitals are eliminated, hospitals will have more money to invest in developing a statewide trauma network.


Illegal Immigration


Crotts said he favors the state legislation recently passed that will place penalties on businesses that have hired illegal immigrants.


"You cut off all services to those that do not have proof of being here legally. This is America. It is a melting pot. You are welcome here as long as you do it the legal way," Crotts said.


State water resources


"These are regional problems, I think the counties have to work together to do regional reservoirs. My responsibility, from that standpoint is to work with those counties that I represent to see how we can work to get federal and state funds to go in conjunction with what they do," Crotts said.


Quotes compiled by Rachel Oswald