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Nunchucks left behind
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Deputies looking for squatters came across an interesting set of property instead, according to a Newton County Sheriff's Office report.

NCSO deputies were briefed before their shift on Aug. 1 about people living in the woods behind the Kroger grocery store on Salem Road.

But when deputies P. Gilbert and B. Hail went into the wooded area around 8:30 p.m., they didn't find squatters. Instead, they located several weapons left behind, including a set of nunchucks, a hook on a rope, a double-bladed knife, a 13-inch straight blade knife and small pocket knives.

None of the weapons were reportedly illegal to own but were taken into custody.

Banned from the hospital

Two men were arrested after targeting cars in the Newton Medical Center parking lot Aug. 7, according to a Covington Police Department report.

Jamarvis Franklin, of Atlanta, and Wesley Norman, of Covington, were charged with entering an automobile with intent to commit theft or felony and loitering and prowling.

A woman smoking a cigarette outside the birthing center at Newton Medical Center reported seeing two males in the parking lot near her car pulling on door handles around 10:10 p.m.

She reportedly saw them walk up to each vehicle in the lot pulling on the door handles and then walk into the emergency room. She notified the hospital security who called police and kept an eye on the men as they walked out of the parking lot towards Tate Street.

When officers stopped the two men on Tate Street, they claimed they walked to the hospital to get a drink of water. Norman told the officer he lived in the Green Acres neighborhood. When asked if he walked all the way from Green Acres just to get a drink of water, Norman said his baby's mother lived on Thompson Street.

The other man, Franklin, said he lived in the East Point area in Atlanta and claimed he was visiting his grandfather at the hospital, even though visiting hours were long over.

Franklin and Norman were booked into the Newton County Detention Center and were banned from going to Newton Medical Center except for emergencies.

Silent protest

Covington police were called to an argument between hearing impaired residents at a Capes Drive home around 11:40 p.m. Aug. 7, according to a CDP report.

Upon arrival, officers noticed one of the residents, Derrick Alvarez, was very upset and allegedly getting in the face of the other resident, the lease holder.

Communicating through written messages, officers learned the lease holder and his wife had been allowing Alvarez to stay at their place but wanted him to leave.

Alvarez said he could stay at a local hotel for the night and officers escorted him back in the house so he could gather his belongings. In the kitchen, he began trying to get the attention of the lease holder again and reportedly began stomping his feet and crying when officers told him to stop trying to communicate to the lease holder.

"Alvarez continued to throw a tantrum and finally sat down in the kitchen floor with his head down making screaming noises," wrote officer Clint Kitchens in the report.

He was lifted off the floor and placed under arrest for disorderly conduct. While walking out of the apartment, he reportedly became limp and dropped to the floor again.

Another officer activated his Taser in stun mode into Alvarez, who reportedly got to his feet and walked to the patrol car. He was then taken to the Newton County Detention Center.