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NHS students allegedly assault teacher
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Three female Newton High School students were arrested on Jan. 24 after they reportedly assaulted several staff members and a Newton County Sheriff's deputy.

The incident began at approximately 12:30 p.m. in the assistant principal's office when subject one was asked to leave the office and go sit by the clinic. She reportedly refused angrily several times. When asked to go sit down, she reportedly replied, "I don't want to sit down." After another warning, subject one reportedly left hesitantly.

Minutes later, the assistant principal asked NCSO Deputy Anthony Washington for assistance in locating the student. They reportedly found her seated several rows up on the gym bleachers. The assistant principal told subject one to come with him, but she reportedly refused, replying, "I ain't going no where."

When the assistant principal attempted to grab the suspect, she reportedly became very combative, jerking her arms away. Washington then tried to take her into custody, but she reportedly pulled her arms away and again said, "I ain't going nowhere."

The deputy grabbed the student by her arm and she reportedly broke his grip. Subject one was then taken to the floor. As Washington attempted to handcuff her, she reportedly began to flail and kick her legs. During the outburst, Washington was struck in the lower torso.

While Washington continued to struggle with the suspect, subject two attempted to charge the deputy. She was restrained by the assistant principal and a coach and Washington was able to handcuff subject one. Subject two continued to struggle, kicking and swinging her arms. The assistant principal and the coach were both hit during the altercation.

The assistant principal sustained slight injuries while the coach was not harmed.

Subject three then tried to enter into the fray and was detained by a teacher. She was told to stop struggling but reportedly refused. When she went out of control, the teacher reportedly took her to the ground.

All the students were escorted to the front office where they reportedly continued to be defiant and hostile toward the staff.

NCSO Lt. Mark Mitchell said the students were sisters. Victoria Jackson, 17, was arrested on charges of battery on a school teacher and disruption of the operation of a public school. Her 14-year-old and 16-year-old sisters were charged as juveniles.