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Mortgage fraud defendant pleas guilty to charges
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One defendant in an intricate case of mortgage fraud pled guilty Thursday, a deal that could result in more plea agreements.

Kwame Gordon pled to two counts of mortgage fraud and was sentenced to 20 years, five of which will be served in confinement.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Layla Hinton said Gordon was part of a complex scam designed to borrow money under a false name. Gordon reportedly traveled to New York and found a man Hinton described as hard on his luck. He then flew this man back to Georgia where he assumed the identity of Lenard Wohlabaugh.

They then allegedly tried to take out a mortgage loan under the stolen identity.

 The Covington Police Department, with the help of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, set up a sting in May 2006 to catch Gordon, as well as three others, in the act. The men reportedly met in downtown Covington to close a deal, and after the transaction was completed, the four suspects were arrested and charged with mortgage fraud.

Hinton said the three other men were set for trial later this month, but Gordon's pleading might lead to more deals being struck.