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Meth arrest made in local motel room
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Police arrested and charged a 24-year-old woman with allegedly distributing methamphetamines after discovering bags of suspected methamphetamines, marijuana and digital measuring tools in her Covington motel room on July 19.

Gaberial Rienta Harrison, 24, of Covington was charged with possession of schedule 1 and 2 drugs with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana less than an ounce and possession and use of drug related objects.

Employees of a motel on Ga. Highway 142 reported observing suspicious persons loitering around the property around 5:30 p.m., according to a Covington Police Department Report.

When officers questioned one of the loiterers, he said he was there to pick up a car a friend had borrowed and that his friend was in room on the second floor, but wouldn't give the friend's name.

Another person found knocking on the door of the room claimed she was visiting her friend, "Gabe."

When police announced their presence, Harrison answered the door after about a minute and said she "kind of" knew the first man police spoke to and said the woman knocking was her aunt.

Inside the room, officers saw a silver digital scale on the nightstand with a clear plastic bag containing a "white, crystallized substance" inside and a glass pipe in a white hand towel next to the scale.

Another woman emerged from the bathroom and both she and Harrison denied owning the items. Both women were put under arrest, and during a consensual search, Harrison "voluntarily stated it all belonged to her," according to the report.

The search turned up four more bags of white, crystallized substance inside a black bag in the open safe and a plastic bag of a green, leafy substance.

Harrison described the two bigger bags as "flex," or fake materials, and the two smaller bags as "Batman," or real methamphetamines.

She reiterated that the other woman was not involved in the drug activity.

Harrison was booked into the Newton County Detention Center and held on $12,500 bond.