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Man tells police he was run over by a car
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A Conyers man who claimed he was struck by a hit-and-run driver in Newton County ended up going to jail for domestic battery after deputies discovered he might have been less than truthful, according to a Newton County Sheriff's Office report.

Moses Cobb called 911 around midnight Aug. 22 and said he had been run over by a car.

When Deputy C. Day arrived, Cobb told them he was walking home from a friend's house when a grey or white Oldsmobile or Buick came around a sharp curve onto Gum Tree Trail. It gained speed as it came up the street, Cobb told deputies, and struck him, knocking him over the hood and windshield.

Cobb, who reportedly had a small cut on the back of his head, abrasions on his right lower back and pain in his right shoulder, requested a Rockdale County ambulance, since he lived in Conyers.

The patient had a warrant for probation violation out of Rockdale, so Day followed the ambulance until it pulled over about a mile before Rockdale Medical Center. The hospital had refused to accept Cobb as a patient, and the ambulance began heading toward Newton Medical Center instead.

Along the way, Day learned a Rockdale deputy had spoken with the Covington woman who had reportedly struck Cobb.

According to the woman, she and Cobb had gotten into an argument. He allegedly stuck lit cigarettes into her body and grabbed her arm, refusing to let her out of his sight. She was reportedly able to run outside when he went out of the room, got into her car and backed out of the driveway.

He ran after her and tried to get into the driver's door, she said. When he couldn't, he slid across the hood as if to get into the passenger's side. She told deputies she sped off and he fell off the car.

Cobb was charged with simple battery misdemeanor and giving a false statement to police.

Unruly juvenile

A Porterdale police officer received a call about a fight between two men around 8:30 a.m. Aug. 17 on Ivy Street.

When Officer Veronica Williams arrived, she saw one man with a stick and a juvenile with an eight-inch long butcher knife.

Williams told the juvenile to put the knife down and when he refused, she drew her gun and pointed it at him, putting herself between the two men.

The juvenile finally threw the knife down and lay on the ground.

The officer discovered the fight began because the juvenile's stepfather had asked him to change the baby's diaper. The teen reportedly cursed at him and the two began arguing, said his mother. The juvenile then picked up a knife from the kitchen and pushed past his mother.

The teenager was charged with aggravated assault, simple battery and cruelty to children in the second degree for exposing a 5-year-old and 14-year-old in the house to the incident. He was transported to the Regional Youth Detention Center in Sandersville.