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Man robs pregnant woman
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 An unknown assailant burglarized a Covington residence while the deaf resident was at home on March 20, according to the Covington Police Department public information log.

 A home invasion left a deaf Covington resident traumatized when an unknown assailant burglarized the residence while she was at home, according to the Covington Police Department public information log.

 The 21-year-old Spanish-speaking resident told police, translated by her husband, that a tall, thin, black male had come to the door around 2 p.m. and started banging on it.

 When she opened the door, he overpowered her and pushed his way in, even though she tried to close the door. He reportedly had a painter's stick in his hand and threw it across the front yard when he saw her.

 She said he went into each room pocketing items. Later, the couple reported two rings missing. The man then reportedly kicked in the locked door of their roommate's bedroom, causing damage to the door frame, and took a silver necklace and digital camera.

 The burglar, described as being between 18 to 20 years old, with long dreadlocks and wearing a gray short sleeve shirt, finally left running towards Geiger Street.

 The wife, who was four months pregnant, told police she did not know what to do during and after the incident and she had to wait until her husband and roommate came back from work. There was no phone in the household at the time.

 The residence had been previously burglarized several days before when they were not home, and a Nintendo Game Boy and DVDs were stolen.

 CPD spokesperson Lt. Wendell Wagstaff said there had been a few incidences of criminal activity in the neighborhood lately and the CPD were concentrating patrols in that area.

 Anyone with information about the burglary or other suspicious activities is asked to contact the Covington police at (770) 786-7605. Tips can be left anonymously online at