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Man makes threats with knife before fleeing from police
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A Covington man threatened to hurt and kill his grandfather with a butcher knife and then ran from police before being arrested on Friday, according to the Covington Police Department's public information log.

Ricky Gibbs allegedly came into the residence on Settler's Grove Road and began to argue with Kewanda Gibbs around 12:40 a.m. Floyd Gibbs told police he was in his bedroom at the time and told his grandson, Ricky, to leave. He said Ricky then took a 10-inch black-handled butcher knife from the kitchen and came into the bedroom, holding the knife over Floyd and saying he was going to hurt and kill him.

Kewanda left the bedroom and called 911 and, reportedly, Ricky put down the knife and left the house.

When CPD Officer Kevin Fuller arrived, Kewanda told him Ricky headed west on Settler's Grove Road and was wearing a blue and yellow jacket and a doo-rag.

About halfway down Bent Pine Court, Fuller saw Ricky running through the cul-de-sac and ran after him, catching up with him as he attempted to jump over a fence. Fuller drew his weapon and ordered Ricky to stop, but he escaped into the underbrush through a hole in the fence, where Fuller lost track of him.

When Fuller went back to the residence, he saw Ricky on the porch, talking with Kewanda trying to convincer her to let him back in. Fuller pulled his gun again and ordered Ricky off the porch and onto the ground, where he handcuffed him and put him in the patrol car.

Ricky was taken to the Newton County Detention Center and charged with aggravated assault under the Family Violence Act, terroristic threats and obstruction of an officer.

In another incidence of aggression against family members, a father fired several shots at his daughter after an argument in the Jamestown neighborhood on Thursday night, according to a Newton County Sheriff's Office report.

The 24-year-old victim told NCSO Deputy Charles Day she had been visiting a friend in Jamestown and had been there a while when her father, Larry Thomas, 50, came in around 11 p.m. and started an argument.

She said he accused her mother of stealing money from the box where he saved money to pay child support. The victim came to her mother's defense, telling Thomas not to talk about her mother when she wasn't there to defend herself.

She said Thomas then became enraged and started hitting her, in the process tearing a hole in her blouse. She went outside to call 911 and Thomas, a convicted felon, went out to his car and retrieved his .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol.

Thomas allegedly fired at her three or four times, grazing her right arm with a bullet or a shell casing, and then hit her over the head with the gun, causing swelling.

According to the report, the victim refused medical treatment. The head wound was described as a minor abrasion and not bleeding.

Thomas was arrested, taken to the Newton County Detention Center and charged with aggravated assault under the Family Violence Act, and with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Violations under the Family Violence Act, which include felonies, battery, assault, stalking, trespassing or damage to property against current or former family members carry additional consequences such as restricting the right to carry a firearm, child custody or visitation or the setting of bail bonds.