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Man arrested for intent to sell Xanax
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 A Newton County man was arrested last week for intending to distribute prescription pills, according to a Newton County Sheriff's report.

George Russell Dye, 21, of Covington was charged May 20 with felony possession of a Schedule IV narcotic - Xanax, a high potency anti-anxiety medication normally prescribed for short periods because of its addictive qualities.  

 He was also charged with possession with intent to distribute, having drugs not in their original container and arrested on an outstanding warrant from Rockdale County.

David Wayne Plott, 48, of Covington, was also arrested at the same time and charged with driving on a suspended license.

An NCSO deputy came across the two in a maroon 2001 Hyunai Santa Fe parked with the lights off on a dirt road around 11:30 p.m. As the deputy approached, the car started and attempted to pull away before the deputy pulled in front of it.

According to the report, the driver, Plott, at first told the deputy he didn't have his license with him, but then later said "Sir, I'm not going to lie. It's suspended."

Dye, who was sitting on the passenger side, reportedly had trouble walking, slurred speech and had to lean on the side of the vehicle to get out. He said he had a few drinks earlier in the day.

A search of the car yielded a yellow pill bottle on the passenger-side door with 29 blue football-shaped pills, suspected to be Xanax, and $86 in cash between the driver's seat and arm rest.

According to the report, Dye admitted the pills were his, that he put the pills in an unmarked bottle and that they were worth about $2 to $3 a pill in street value.

Plott said he put the money between the seat and the arm rest so his wife would not find it. He said the pills were not for him but that Dye was supposed to meet someone at the location to sell the pills.

Both were booked into the Newton County Detention Center.