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Making a joyful sound
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At 15 years old, Drew Parker spends his free time virtually hanging out with friends on MySpace or riding four-wheelers and dirt bikes near his home in Newton County. The trouble for Drew is finding the free time for such pleasures. Drew has to balance not only classes at Alcovy High School, homework, and baseball practice, but also his budding career as a Christian singer.

"It's a struggle sometimes," Drew said of his hectic schedule.

Drew was raised attending Stewart Baptist Church with his parents Scott and Kerri Parker and brother Dillon. From a young age, his family could see Drew had a natural gift.

"I thought he was good at age 3, but probably when he was about 10 is when I really knew that he had the love for music and really acted like he enjoyed it and knew that's what he wanted to do," Kerri said.

Drew does not really remember those earliest years on the stage, but he can recall making the decision to pursue music as an artist.

"Most people told me I was good and I just felt like I should take it to the next step," Drew said.

That next step meant touring the state while producing three solo CDs. The success does not seem to have fazed Drew though. He modestly gives credit for much of his success to his parents, grandparents Lynward Thompson, Lynn Thompson, Joe Parker and Elizabeth Parker, as well as friends including David Long, Keith Broach, David Phellps and John Johnson.

Johnson's company Johnson Brothers Recording Studio has produced Drew's CDs.

"What we do is, the guy who owns the studio, John, will write what's called your tabs out," Drew said. "And then they will pick it up and start playing. And if you want something changed, they will do whatever you need."

Once the band has been recorded, Drew sings over the recording for the CD. The success of those CDs has led to weekly appearances on radio stations out of Jackson and Byron. Drew has also appeared on the television show North Georgia Gospel.