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Making a joyful sound
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A collection of gospel lyrics written down over the past 20 years and stored in a "maybe one day" folder, became a dream-come-true for gospel songwriter Kay Miller, as she released her new album "By His Spirit" in September of last year.

The lyrics, which were inspired by life's lessons, take listeners into a higher level and realm of praise and worship. A bonus instrumental album called "Commuting with God" is included.

"I give all the glory to God and I hope the songs will bless everyone that hears them," Miller said. "I have sung them a cappella over the years and recently God has put talented people in my path to produce this album."

Miller recounts a dream where God asked her what she had done with the songs he had given her. Not wanting to face God and tell him that she had hidden her talents and done nothing, Miller said she purposed in her heart to do something.

"I didn't know what to do, and I asked God to put the people in my life to help me," she confessed.

Miller met John Johnson in 2006 when he came to speak to the East Metro Atlanta Christian Writers. A songwriters division was born as a result of that meeting and local songwriters met monthly at Johnson Brothers Studio under the direction of John Johnson, Cindy Reynolds and Cindi Hall - the latter sang back ground vocals for her album. Miller credits these key people for unleashing her desire to move forward with her music.

"This was my first opportunity to see the recording process," said the novice as she explained the importance of being associated with creative people. "At our first meeting, John recorded a demo for Cindy Reynolds and she made it look so easy."

Miller described her own recording experience as exhilarating as Johnson led her through the process and arranged the music.

"John was able to take what I had been hearing in my head for 20 years and start playing it effortlessly," she remarked. "He was extremely patient with me as I sang with the demo at home until I became comfortable to record."

Miller used her 25 years experience in printing to create the design and cover of the album. She was given permission by her friend Don Hills to use photographs he had taken of Colorado.

"I remember thinking how could anyone deny there is a God looking at these pictures," she said.

Soon to be featured at Prospect Methodist, Miller has delighted congregations at Sewell, Alcovy and Love Joy Methodist Churches with By His Spirit Ministries, inspired by Zechariah 4:6 "Not by might, nor power but by my spirit, saith the lord."

 Her gospel concerts include favorites such as "Where is my Place," "Deeper in your Love," "What the Enemy Meant for Evil (God Turned it into Good)," "Sacrifice of Praise," "Make God your First Choice," "Face to Face," "Lord Fill me up to Overflowing," "Tell Them I'm Jesus" and "He is Risen." Several have been aired on WJGA 92.1 FM in Jackson.

"As I have the opportunity to sing at other churches and share the gospel, I want to minister to people," she said. "I want the message in the song to help people and touch them."

Miller's songs grew out of her desire to go deeper in love and higher in praise with Christ and were a result of something she was praying about or a situation she was involved in.

"The songs resonated in my spirit," said Miller as she recalled being awakened in the middle of night. The lyrics would start off with the problem, but by the time the song was finished, God would give me back the answer to the prayer or concern."

The day Miller lost her job at BioLab, she recalls walking out to the parking lot and as she threw her hands in the air, she asked, "God, where is my place?" The next day, God gave her the answer and lyrics - with worship and praise and seeking him, she would find her way.

The lyrics in "Face to Face" came to life when she was working at Mike's Printing and an escaped convict tried unsuccessfully to force her to drive him to a location.

"As I prayed for help, God gave me the lyrics," she said. "I've been face to face with the enemy, but I am hand in hand with the Lord."

As Miller wrote the words in a prayerful attitude to "Deeper in Your Love," she realized God was preparing her to work in a homeless ministry at Athens Christian College.

Miller conveyed how God has used her to intercede in prayer for friends such as Tammy Greene, who was facing surgery.

"As I prayed with her on the phone for healing, I felt she would be all right," she said, recalling how God gave her reassurance through the lyrics to "What the Enemy Meant for Evil-God Turned it into Good."

Born in Tampa, Fla., and granddaughter of a Baptist minister and poet, Miller's parents were in the restaurant business and the family moved often.

"We never stayed at one school very long," she said, explaining how she became an extrovert. "As I was growing up with five other siblings, there was always music around the house. My mother was a talented singer and cut a demo for a commercial."

Married to Glenn Miller, they moved to Newborn in 1974 and she accepted Christ at the age of 19. A graduate of the Certified Customer Service Specialist Program at DeKalb Technical College, Miller began a career in the printing industry and worked for The Covington News for 14 years and other area businesses. She is currently the customer relations manager at James Brown Trucking. The couple has a son, Shon, who is stationed in Oklahoma in the Navy, a daughter, Lisa and 6 grandchildren.

Miller has been active in the church and community as Sunday school and VBS teacher, Girl Scout leader and currently serves in the choir at Covington Christian Church.

For more information, contact Miller at (404) 234-8571 or visit