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Local man robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight
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Newton County Sheriff's deputies are looking for a man who robbed a Newton County man Tuesday at gunpoint in broad daylight in a residential neighborhood, according to a NCSO report.

The 29-year-old victim had been repairing a vacant rental home when he was approached about 1:15 p.m. by a black male with a silver handgun, according to NCSO spokesperson Investigator Sharron Stewart.

The perpetrator, who was described as wearing a black bandana with purple diamonds, approached the victim in the garage area and took the 29-year-old into the house. There, he demanded all his belongings, said Stewart.

The victim handed over his wallet and his cell phone, a PDA, and was reportedly told to go out the back door and keep walking.

The perpetrator then escaped on foot in the neighborhood, said Stewart.

Anyone with information about the incident can contact the NCSO at (770) 786-7605. Anonymous tips can be left online at and clicking on "Anonymous Tip," or by calling (678) 625-5007.

Fuel thefts

The soaring price of fuel seems to be hitting criminals in the pocketbook as well as regular citizens. Covington Police Department officers have been seeing a series of unrelated thefts of fuel, in both petty and significant amounts, according to CPD reports.

On May 24, the owner of Midas Muffler reported to the CPD that about 200 gallons of oil from a 500 gallon tank behind the business had been stolen sometime in the night.

Video surveillance from a nearby Citgo gas station showed a red tanker truck pulling up to the back of the business about 3:24 a.m. earlier that morning. The officer could not make out much more information about the truck, due to the quality of the video, according to the report.

A week earlier, on May 17, a shopper at the Home Depot reported that $10 worth of gas had been taken from her 1997 Jeep. The left rear tire of her car had also been slashed while she was in the store.

On May 12, the Farm and Garden Depot in Covington also reported to the CPD the theft of a significant amount of fuel.

The complainant reported that about half a tank of diesel fuel had been siphoned off from 24-foot Budget rental truck parked outside. The diesel, which had been taken sometime between 4 p.m. May 8 and 10:30 a.m. May 12, was reportedly worth about $100.

Anyone with information about the incidents can contact the Covington police at (770) 786-7605. Tips can be left anonymously online at