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Juvenile shot with Taser following lengthy chase
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One juvenile's night came to a shocking end after fleeing both the county and city's law enforcement agencies.

Newton County Sheriff's Captain James Fountain responded to a call of domestic abuse at a residence on Blackwell Street. Upon his arrival at the house, Fountain observed a male juvenile run out the back door and into the woods. Fountain gave chase but was unable to catch up to the suspect.

The officer returned to the house and made contact with the complainant. The juvenile reportedly had punched the mother of his child in the face. The swelling was so server that her eye could not open.

After EMS looked over the victim, she was transported to Newton Medical Center's emergency room. While at the ER, the juvenile attempted to see the victim. The Covington Police were called and Officer Eric Almond was dispatched.

When he arrived, the officers were alerted by a nurse that the juvenile had just fled toward the kitchen. The hospital security guard and several employees reportedly tried to stop the juvenile but were unsuccessful.

 A number of times the juvenile was restrained but was able to fight his way out of their control by removing his clothing.

Several times during the chase, Almond reportedly told the juvenile to stop or he would be shot with a Taser. The pursuit continued through different hallways and many times through the kitchen, where the suspect had access to knives and other possibly dangerous items.

In the kitchen, some employees were able to restrain the juvenile, but he reportedly continued to fight with them. Almond advised the employees to let the suspect go because he was going to use his Taser on him.

The juvenile was then shocked by the Taser for five seconds before reportedly stating he would not fight anymore. He was then arrested and released to Fountain, who transported the juvenile to the Youth Detention Center in Sandersville.