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In defense of the Rev. Clara Lett
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Dear Editor: This is a letter to the "New People" of Newton County from those who have lived in and observed our community for decades. This is a letter that must be written about the Rev. Clara Lett and the Rainbow Covenant Ministry.

When you read or hear about one side of an accusation and don't have full, balanced information, what do you do? You consider the source of the accusation, the credibility of the accuser and the reputations of those supporting and the reputations of those opposing the accused.

For Margie and me that is enough information. For years we have known and supported Clara Lett as her ministry has assisted the unfortunate and the unsuccessful. She has accomplished with a dollar what a government agency could not accomplish with $10, and with more love and compassion.

Let this unjustified attack on her personality and her ministry cause you to join us in increasing our support of her selfless ministry to those so desperate that they need a homeless shelter.