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Hit-and-run driver at large
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Newton County Sheriff's deputies are still looking for a man who allegedly drove away from the scene of an accident and then escaped from arresting officers.

Last Friday a man called the sheriff's office to report someone driving a brown Honda Accord had struck his vehicle and left the scene.

He supplied Deputy Courtney Morrison with the license plate number which came back registered to Sarah Lisa White with an address on Greenleaf Road.

Morrison and another deputy traveled to the address listed to White, where they found four individuals congregating around a brown vehicle with a flat left front tire.

When asked who the owner of the vehicle was, one of the individuals identified herself as Sara Lisa White, 20.

White reportedly told Morrison she had no idea who had wrecked the vehicle and had come outside to find the car as it was.

Morrison isolated White by placing her in a patrol car. After being seated in the car, all she told the deputies was that "A.J." was driving.

He then asked the other three individuals for their names and dates of birth.

Morrison then asked dispatch to call the complainant to the scene so he could identify the driver. The complainant immediately pointed to the man who identified himself as Pacino Belcher born on Oct. 9, 1984.

The complainant then told the deputies that the alleged driver had once dated his sister, and referred to him as A.J.

Morrison then approached A.J. and informed him he was under arrest for hit and run and to put his hands behind his back.

"You ain't got to worry about me," A.J. said, "I'm going to comply."

A.J. placed his hands behind his back and when Morrison reached to secure him with handcuffs, he allegedly turned around quickly, knocked Morrison to the ground and ran away.

The complainant then told Morrison he knew where A.J. resided and took him to Lakeview Trail.

Morrison spoke with A.J.'s mother who confirmed his real name was Alvin Lewis Monroe Jr. and this birth date was April 25, 1986.

She reported to Morrison she had not seen or heard from him since he went to live with relatives in Clayton County a few years ago.

Morrison took out warrants for A.J.'s arrest on Monday for hit and run, failure to maintain lane, felony and misdemeanor obstruction of an officer and giving a false name and date of birth.

White was arrested on charges of misdemeanor obstruction of an officer.

To report any information on the whereabouts of Alvin Lewis Monroe Jr. (A.J.), call the NCSO at (678) 625-1400.