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Offering a range of natural health alternatives to detoxify your body, the newly opened Path to Wellness Center has opened its doors in Covington and is looking for new clients.

The clinic offers three kinds of detoxification therapies: colon hydrotherapy, infrared saunas and ionSpa detox footbaths. The quiet, tastefully-appointed clinic is owned and run by Rusty and Sandra McGiboney, who are certified colon hydrotherapists.

"We're here to serve people because we want people to feel good. We want people to feel energized," Rusty said, adding "Detoxifying is one of the fastest growing modalities in the health industry."

Colon hydrotherapy removes waste from the body by injecting a small amount of water into the colon through a tube that is inserted into the rectum. The waste is softened and loosened and then leaves the body through natural processes while the client reclines on the clinic's colon hydrotherapy table.

"It's not invasive. It's just like going to the bathroom," Rusty said, adding that clients remain fully covered during the entire out-patient procedure which takes place in a private room of the clinic.

The clinic's far infrared Sauna purges fat toxins from the body by using direct light conversion to warm the person in the sauna. While in the sauna your heart rate will pick up, your core temperature will rise and your veins will expand, allowing for better circulation, as the body's toxins are sweated out, Sandra said.

The ionSpa Detox Footbath is an ionic footbath that electrically charges the hydrogen in the water of the footbath to a negative charge. Toxins within the body carry a positive charge so when the water is absorbed through the feet into the body, the negative ions are attracted to the positive toxins like a magnet and eliminated from the body.

"We have so many friends and family dying of cancer. We just saw this as a way that could help them," said Rusty, adding that regularly detoxifying your system from the harmful chemicals and substances that can build up in your body over time is one way to maintain a healthy defense against cancer.

After their detox sessions, Rusty said clients frequently report feeling recharged and energized.

Colon hydrotherapies are $70, saunas are $45 for a 30 minute session and the footbaths are $35 for a 30 minute session.

The Path to Wellness does offer package deals including a two for one special on colon hydrotherapies and a special on a sauna and a footbath for only $60.

"All of these are detox modalites, so they work well with one another," Sandra said.