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Group arrested for Porterdale burglary
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Four Porterdale men were arrested Thursday by an interagency team in connection with a burglary after investigators found stolen items leading to their residence.

Justin Ray Fox, 19, Jacobe Ryan Jenkins, 18, Thomas Edward Jenkins, 31, and Charles Troy Jenkins, 42, who all lived at the same address, were arrested without resistance and charged with theft by receiving stolen property misdemeanor.

A combined team of approximately a dozen officers from the Porterdale Police Department, Covington-Newton County Special Investigation Unit and Newton County Sheriff's Office descended upon the suspects' house about 5 p.m. to serve a search warrant for the burglary, said Porterdale Police Chief Wayne Digby.

Inside they found six people, including the four men, several items that were stolen in a burglary last week of another Porterdale home and drug paraphernalia.

"They appeared to be just using (the stolen items)," Digby said.

The case is still under investigation, but other items that were not recovered are believed to have been pawned off for money.

In the burglary last week, suspects helped themselves to a variety of goods including electronics, televisions, DVD players, money, a gun, a belt and frozen beef patties and other food from the refrigerator while the homeowner, a young man about to be married, was away at work, according to Digby.

"Basically, they went through the place after kicking the door open, took what they wanted, and left," Digby said.

The suspects had also knocked a couple of holes in the wall of the newly renovated house.

Porterdale officers first received a lead about the same time the burglary was reported when the victim's flat screen television was found in the woods. Investigators also encountered a resident of the searched home with a stolen item.

Digby said the PPD called upon the SIU and NCSO for a number of reasons.

"That way we have the expertise of everyone," he said. "We want all the professionalism we can get."

He said it was the goal of the PPD to be as proactive in curbing criminal activities.

"We want good people here. Not the criminal type," said Digby. "That's what we're working for, to make it good for the citizens."

The four men were booked into the Newton County Detention Center Thursday evening and bonded out early Friday morning on $1,500 property bond each.