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Gresham hearing set for today
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The Newton County Board of Elections met Monday to discuss the candidacy of Horace Don Gresham, who is running for the District 2 Board of Education seat.

 The board agreed to expedite a hearing and is set to reconvene at 2 p.m. today at the board of elections office on Usher Street.

 Gresham faces disqualification from the race due to alleged inaccuracies on the Declaration of Candidacy Affidavit he signed on April 28.

 It is not known whether Gresham plans to attend the hearing, but Newton County Board of Elections Director Donna Morrison said he will be notified.

 "It is our responsibility to notify the candidates that such a hearing will take place," Morrison said. "We will contact and inform him of the time and the place of the hearing."

 Morrison did not comment whether or not Gresham would be required to attend.

 By signing the affidavit, Gresham agreed to certain terms including a provision concerning court convictions for crimes involving moral turpitude. Court documents revealed a felony sodomy charge in 1988 that included a 12 year sentence for Gresham. The affidavit mandates candidates must wait at least 10 years upon completion of their sentence before running for any public office.

 Gresham's neighbor Nikkia Lovejoy came forward last week and sent the board a letter of protest and according to Board of Elections Chairman Hugh Steele, the board has since received another challenge from Annette Harmon. Both women attended Monday's meeting.

 While the meeting lasted less than 15 minutes, the message rang clear. Board members want to resolve the dispute quickly.

 "All interested parties will be able to come and will be asked, or be allowed to share the information," Steele said. "All of the questions will be discussed and a decision will be made at the hearing on Wednesday."