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Dear Editor: Dear Editor: Why does Newton County or the city of Covington need a civic center?

We have three nice auditoriums in our three high schools that are capable of handling any cultural event this county is capable of attracting. If people want more culture, Atlanta is only 35 miles down I-20, where they can get any kind of culture they desire, and it doesn't interfere with the daily peaceful life we used to have here in Newton County.

Do we need another hotel/motel in Covington/Newton County?

I came up with eight here in Covington/Newton County. These eight are very seldom full. If it is built close to the square, how are people going to get to the courthouse or administrative building to pay taxes, register to vote, get car tags, etc?

You now have to park two blocks from the administrative building to do any business there. Yes, we have a parking deck the county built. It is two blocks from the door to get into the building. The county employees can use the side doors of the administrative building, but no one else. There is no handicapped parking close to the building. It is a beautiful, inconvenient building sitting on the streets of Covington.

I feel the citizens of Newton County should have the right to vote on having a cultural center and hotel in the middle of our county seat. They are the ones that will be paying for it down the road in years to come.

Why can't that money be used to attract good teachers and put into more classrooms and do away with the ugly classroom trailers at all the schools, repair some of the county roads and streets that are in deplorable state, mow the road right of ways, get more traffic lights, etc.?

What I am trying to say is there are more important things needed in our county, for our citizens than a cultural center and hotel. Let the citizens of Newton County vote on it.