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From health, to law, to Porterdale
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While earning her degree in Environmental Health Science from the University of Georgia, Kavita Batra never suspected she would one day practice law in Newton County.

"This was just one of those things I fell into at one point like a lot of lawyers," Batra said of her new job with the law firm of Greer, Stansfield and Turner.

Batra moved to the Porterdale Mill Lofts at the end of September and began her new job soon after.

"I love the lofts," Batra said. "I really wanted a place with a yard, but then I saw the lofts and thought they were great."

Originally from Augusta, Batra worked for three years with the Georgia Environmental Health Protection Agency before deciding to move on to law school at Mercer University in Macon.

 "I used to always work with statutes at work, and I always enjoyed working with them and picking them apart," Batra said. "The job kind of opened some doors for me."

The transition was not difficult for Batra, who said most lawyers were from different backgrounds. One of her classmates previously worked as a deliverer of singing telegrams before passing his Law School Admissions Test and being accepted into the school.

For three years Batra toiled away with her studies while working for little or no pay at several organizations including a battered women's shelter and a legal services group.

"It was tough, but fun," Batra said. "Mercer was a great school."

The hard work has paid off for Batra, who took her attorney's oath Wednesday with Judge Samuel Ozburn at the Newton County Judicial Center. The event was one of the few times Batra will have to venture into a courtroom.

"I work primarily on real estate and with anything else that walks in the door," Batra said. "I never saw myself in the courtroom everyday."

Spending most of her time in the office, Batra prepares wills, renews leases, helps with real estate closures and other commercial issues.

With her little free time, Batra likes to cook, crochet and read.

"I like to read just about everything," Batra said. "I really like fiction, but I try to read some smart books when I can."

Her latest reads include "Into Thin Air" by Jon Krakauer and "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

She also enjoys the great outdoors - particularly kayaking.

"I'm not a sporty person, but I love the outdoors," Batra said.