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Fighting fire with knowledge
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Kindergarten students from Palmer-Stone Elementary School visited the Oxford Fire Department Friday - the second to last day of National Fire Prevention Week.

Captain Lewis McClain talked with the students about their uniform, and what to do if their body or the building they were in ever caught on fire.

He first asked the students if they had ever been to a fire station, if they had ever seen a fire truck and if they had seen a fire engine driving down the road with its lights on and sirens blaring.

All said yes or raised their hands.

"Good," McClain said, "so you know what we're all about."

When asked by McClain what to do if their clothing ever caught fire, they all shouted, "stop, drop and roll!"

He added before performing stop, drop and roll they should always cover their face with their hands to protect it from the flames.

McClain also explained the importance of practicing fire drills not only at school, but also at home.

He told students what to do if they woke up and smelled smoke or if the smoke detector was sounding.

"When you get out of your bed, you roll out on the floor and crawl to the door," McClain said.

Then, students - or anyone in a burning building - should touch the door knob with the back of their hand to detect heat. If the door knob is hot, they should go out of a window. If they cannot open the window or are on a second story, McClain told them to wait by the window for a firefighter to come.

Firefighter James "Beaux" Jackson displayed the gear he wears when going to a fire scene. McClain told the students they should not be scared if they saw anyone dressed in this suit if there was an emergency because he is there to help.

McClain also stressed calling 911 once the students were safely outside of a burning building.

"What you've got to know is you don't want to go back inside for cats or dogs, or mom or dad or anything," McClain said. "You wait until we get there - that's why we have these suits, so we don't get burned."

The students toured a fire truck before leaving with junior firefighter badges, pencils and stickers.

For more safety tips visit the National Fire Protection Association's Web site at