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Family's time of need
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Dear Editor: I wanted to write and tell you of our experience with Caldwell & Cowan Funeral Home in Covington when my mother passed away on Dec. 23, 2007. To lose a loved one is difficult but to lose one at Christmas is even more difficult. I took my mother to Caldwell & Cowan to preplan her funeral a year ago, and we immediately knew that we wanted to work with their staff. They were honest and their prices were fair and competitive. Owner Judson Caldwell gave us his undivided attention and spent a great deal of time with us in selecting merchandise and thinking through every aspect that we would face when my mother died.

During my mother's last days in a hospice in Cobb County, we were trying to determine what to do about Christmas. I called Mr. Caldwell and asked how we would handle this situation during the holidays. He immediately addressed my concerns explaining that he and his staff were available at any time that we might choose to make and carry out the necessary arrangements. On Dec. 23 when we called the funeral home to inform them that my mother had just passed away, Mr. Caldwell personally drove from Covington to Austell to pick up my mother's body. He was most professional, yet personal, greeting us with kindness and compassion. This same professionalism and personal attention continued on the morning and afternoon of Christmas Eve as my husband and I finalized funeral arrangements. He prearranged for a florist to be open that day and followed us to the cemetery in Conyers to ensure that everything was in order at the gravesite.

Mr. Caldwell and his staff had focused on every detail so that my mother looked as we remembered her when we viewed her body. Instead of being overcome with grief, we were comforted by how peaceful she looked. When we saw her, we were reminded of the way that she looked when she was healthy instead of the toll her illness had taken. Another comfort was the DVD put to music highlighting family, friends and memories of my mother's life which was shown continuously during visitation. The day of her funeral, Mr. Caldwell continued to treat our entire family with kindness, compassion and professionalism from the time he greeted us at the church until we left the gravesite.

I wanted to write this letter as a personal expression of thanks to the staff at Caldwell & Cowan.


Shiree Goss & Family