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Every Life For Christ
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Psalm 34 says, "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." There are plenty more passages like that one. But here's the thing. Has it ever felt like you aren't getting the desires of your heart?

Jesus told us to seek him first and everything else would be added to us as well (Matthew 6:33). So do we? Is God first in everything? Every life, and all of it, should be for Christ.

But let's be honest. We each have to say that calling my life "for Christ" is kind of a stretch sometimes. After all, life happens. We get busy and have responsibilities and there are challenges and obstacles. But God's law says, "So what?" His demand is still perfection, and his command is that he be our number one priority. And we fail. We all fail. But God doesn't change his demand.

Why? Because life for Christ is the only way we could ever be with God forever. Just like Naaman from our reading in 2 Kings needed help because his disease had no human cure - each of our sins, each of our failures, each of our excuses can never be fixed by anything we do - no matter how firmly we commit ourselves to it. Naaman needed to know about God's power to cure leprosy. We need to cherish God's power to forgive us - his power to make us what we weren't, his power to make us what we need to be - perfect. And that is found in Christ - only in Christ. This is why it is so essential that every life is for Christ - because all life, all real life, comes from Christ. It flows from the blood of our punishment on that cross streaming down his face and covering our sins; it bubbles over in us as we emerge from the waters of our baptism having been claimed as God's own and marked with his seal; it springs up in us when we see him break out from the grave on Easter morning; and it fills our hearts and souls when he strengthens us with his holy meal of body and blood for our proof in the Lord's Supper.

Even though our life wasn't always "for Christ," God has given us life "from Christ" which helps us live "for Christ." But it is essential to understand what it means to live life "for Christ."

The girl in our story serves as a great example. She didn't serve on any boards at local churches. She didn't volunteer for any bake sales or children's programs, yet she was living her life for Christ. You see, she had been the victim of an Aramean raid - her parents killed, her home destroyed, her life changed forever.

Now she was a slave for those very people that had crushed everything she had held dear. Her master's name was Naaman.

And there, right there, where God had put her through all of her sufferings, she lived her life for Christ. Instead of hating her master for what he had done, instead of resisting and rebelling with every step, she lived God's love - in her lifestyle, in her outlook, and in her words. No, she was not a missionary. But she lived her life just as powerfully for Christ. She did that by being the best slave possible. In fact, she did her work so well that Naaman was even willing to listen to what this slave girl had to say. She lived for Christ by telling about what God could do to help the very man that was responsible for making her nothing but a slave.

So where has God put you in your life? Maybe you aren't a pastor or an evangelist. So what. That doesn't mean God hasn't put you right where he wants you. He wants you plumbers to let your customers see God's goodness in your job well done. Living for Christ means that God gets to show your children his love through you changing their diapers. Living for Christ means that even the most monotonous job is an opportunity to let everyone around you see the love of Christ in how you do that job - the one God has put in your life. Life for Christ means that you live your life, the life God has given you, where he has put you and what he has given you to do, whether that includes one hour of specifically "Church" time a week or 100 - it means that you live your life to the glory of God.

Like Paul said, "Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." Yes, tell people about Jesus like the girl did.

Yes, volunteer to help in the work of your church. Yes, prioritize your time for God's word and give your offerings for the spread of the gospel, but never overlook what some might call the little things of life, and praise God, that by his grace, we can confidently say, in everything we do: "Every Life is For Christ."