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Enjoy a girly spa experience
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Are you at a loss for what to do with your daughter who alternately fancies herself a princess, rock star, actress and fashion designer? Then look no further than Spa Destiny which exists to cater to your little girl's every feminine whim.

Located in downtown Covington, Spa Destiny, a party salon, caters to girls ages 8-15 though older females are also encouraged to hold their bridal showers or Red Hat Society meetings at the salon as well.

Owner Kymberli Durden said she decided to open Spa Destiny as a way to encourage young girls to enjoy being young girls without any pressure to act or dress more maturely than their ages.

"It's really about helping young girls enjoy being a girl," Durden said. "It's really teaching children [that] Hannah Montana is no different than you."

At Spa Destiny girls can receive many of the same treatments available at normal salons including manicures, pedicures and facials. Girls are encouraged to bring their dolls to the salon so they can be pampered as well. Next to each salon chair is a miniature doll salon chair, complete with miniature hair styling equipment.

A magnificent mini mani for $15 includes a buff, brush, nail cleaning and custom nail polish application. A fresh face forward facial for $15 features a whipped butter facial mask complete with cucumber eye covers. An all inclusive daylong spa package is $50.

Spa Destiny also allows customers to create their own unique blends for bath gel, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, hand soap and many other bath and body products. Customers can choose from more than 40 different botanical, flower, vegetable and fruit scents.

Durden said she gets frequent requests for bridal shower gift bags as customers can choose their precise color scheme for the prepared bath and body products.

Spa Destiny also carries the Team Destiny Dolls which Durden created. Durden said the dolls, Victoria, Kymoria, Kiki, Chelsea and Mackenzie, are meant to be positive role models for young girls today.

Decorated in a pink and black color scheme with star accents, young girls can imagine they are walking the red carpet for a Hollywood movie premier or a rock concert when they enter Spa Destiny. Feather boas, special dressing robes and custom-made slippers are all available to complete the spa experience.

Spa Destiny offers several themed birthday parties - "Hollywood Premier Starring You," "Divine Diva," "If the Tiara Fits Tea Party," "Rockstar" and "Cowgirls Rock." Durden said she also has Hannah Montana, Cheetah Girls and "High School Musical" accessories available to highlight any party theme.

Durden said she likes to have at least seven days notice in planning a party.