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Deputy uses Taser on dog
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puty was forced to use brutal force against a dog after the animal attempted to attack him.

Steven Ledford responded Saturday to a call of an animal problem on Waterford Road. The complainant reportedly told the deputy a she and her grandson had been chased into her house by a black dog. She said the dog barked and ran toward her and her grandson.

The deputy spoke to a neighbor who said the dog lived on Straphinge Drive and that his daughter had been chased by the same dog the day before.

Once the deputy located the residence, he could see the dog sitting on the left side of the house. After the deputy exited his patrol car, the dog advanced toward the car and the deputy was forced to shot the dog with his Taser.

After the shock, the dog reportedly ran down the street away from the deputy. Ledford then made contact with the dog's owners, who identified the dog as a Cane Corso. Animal control was contacted and responded to the area.