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Crime Briefs
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Road block leads to police pursuit


A Newton County Sherriff's Deputy discovered 13 small bags of crack cocaine when a driver fled a road block on Feb. 23.


NCSO Deputy Anthony Washington had set up his patrol car in front of a downed tree on Lee Street in Covington to prevent accidents. A white Dodge van with tinted windows driven by a black male turned onto the street. The driver made eye contact with Washington, then, suddenly reversed his vehicle, endangering other cars and drivers.


The van was pursued along Dixie road until it pulled into the backyard of 2506 Dixie Road, where the driver jumped out and escaped on foot in an unseen direction.


The van, which turned out to be stolen from Dekalb County and was towed and impounded, contained 13 crack cocaine baggies and a baggie of marijuana.


Pizza money missing


A Papa John's delivery driver discovered she was missing $130 on Feb. 22, according to the CPD Public Information Log.


She had gone into the Papa John's on U.S. Highway 278 for five minutes to pick up her next delivery order, leaving her truck door unlocked and purse out of sight. She didn't discover the missing money until she had made the delivery. She called the store, which alerted police.


A co-worker who had been in the parking lot at the time told her he had seen two black males walking near the building at the time. However, when questioned separately by police, he immediately claimed he had nothing to do with the money and was unable to give a description of the two men. The delivery person told police she suspected this co-worker had taken the money.


A search of the co-worker's person and locker yielded nothing.


Smile for the camera


A Radio Shack employee who was suspected of having his hands in the till was foiled when he was allegedly caught on video pocketing extra cash. 


Manager Charles Harris reported to Covington Police that money had gone missing several times when employee John Phillips, 38, of Covington had been at work. On Feb. 22, Harris put an extra $42 in the cash register and set up a video camera to see what Phillips would do.


On the video, Phillips was seen taking $40 out of the register after the store closed, putting it on the counter and then in his pocket.


When he was later questioned by a loss prevention manager, Phillips admitted to taking the money but said he had intended to pay the money back.


He was arrested and taken to the Newton County Detention Center.