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Covington man accused of selling psychedelics
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The Rockdale County Sheriff's Department's Narcotics and Vice Unit arrested Covington resident Matthew Jackson last Wednesday, Nov. 7, for the sale of LSD and chocolate containing psilocybin mushrooms.

RCSD Sgt. Matthew Wolfe said Jackson was arrested after the narcotics unit received information from a confidential informant that Jackson had been selling hallucinogens in Newton and Rockdale counties. A surveillance team followed Jackson to the Ingles on Ga. Highway 20 where they reportedly observed the suspect in a hand to hand transaction with another subject.

Wolfe said further investigation revealed Jackson had reportedly sold a sheet of suspected LSD and a chocolate candy duck containing psilocybin mushrooms for $650. Jackson's vehicle was searched following his arrest and 74 more of the chocolate psilocybin candy ducks were found in a cooler bag.

The drugged ducks were wrapped in silver and gold foil and, according to Wolfe, appeared to be normal chocolate candy. A sample of the chocolate revealed a large amount of ground mushroom mixed in.

Jackson was charged with sale of LSD, sale of psilocin and possession with intent to distribute psilocin.