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Cornerstone resident almost assaulted
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A resident of the Cornerstone Lodge called the Covington Police Department Thursday evening after another resident allegedly came into her home while she was cooking dinner and threw her on her bed.

The resident reported to Covington Police Officer M.J. Nicholson that she grabbed the phone and yelled that she would call the cops if he didn't leave.

When she began to dial 911, the man reportedly ran out of the door and upstairs.

She reported to Nicholson she did not know the man's name or what room number he stayed in, but he had been hitting on her for a couple of weeks.

Nicholson took her description of the man - a black male in his late 30s who drives a black Honda - to one of the complainant's neighbors. The neighbor said he had seen the man looking into her room during the day.

The neighbor reported he had heard him saying something to her about a shower while her boyfriend was at work, and then heard the door slam and saw him run upstairs to the second deck.

He also informed Nicholson the man is married with children, and drives a black late model Honda Civic.

Nicholson took this information to the desk clerk to see if anyone who was staying at the lodge matched that description and drove a black Honda.

He discovered that Terence Grier lived on the second deck directly above the complainant and drove a black 1993 Honda Civic.

He then advised the complainant of the suspect's name and to take out a warrant for prosecution. She wrote a statement, which Nicholson filed into evidence.

To report any information about this simple battery, call the Covington Police Department at (770) 786-7605.