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Bear Creek essential for future
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Formulating smart plans for the future is an essential duty of local governments.

As residents and voters, we entrust a great deal of power with our elected officials, and we expect them to use that power to create and maintain a working society. Not all decisions are popular or agreed upon by every one, but some tough decisions have to be made for the overall greater good of the community.

Newton County officials have worked countless hours on the Bear Creek Reservoir, a water source that will be necessary for Newton County in the future as our population continues to grow.

According to official state estimates, Newton County's population will reach 375,000 by the year 2050, requiring an estimated 47 million gallons of water per day. With our current water sources, Lake Varner and City Pond, we are able to produce 21.25 MGD.

Bear Creek Reservoir is expected to up the county's water production to 47 MGD. Obviously plans need to be finalized and carried out well before we overextend our resources in the coming years.

If this past year's drought has taught us anything, we should know that advanced planning and self-reliance are the keys to sustaining a high quality of life in Newton County.

Because of previous planning and the construction of Lake Varner, Newton County faired much better than surrounding counties during the period of severe drought.

As the Newton County Board of Commissioners move forward with the process of constructing Bear Creek Reservoir, residents should not dwell on the qualms they currently have with the project but, instead, think about the impact this project will have on the future of the county.