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A true Cinderella story
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Cinderella was the belle of the ball with a little help from a few dedicated volunteers.

Volunteers of the Cinderella Shop hosted the Newton Medical Auxiliary general meeting Tuesday afternoon at First Baptist Church of Covington.

The Cinderella Shop is a consignment shop on Pace Street which sells gently worn clothing as well as linens, jewelry, luggage and small decorative items to raise funds for new hospital equipment.

Volunteers organized a fashion show telling a bit about the history of the shop as well as profiling some of their key workers.

"Please welcome Cinderella as she was in the early days when she had no home of her own," said volunteer Carol Paschal, "and she lived with her wicked step mother and mean, ugly step sisters."

Volunteer Wendi Martinez then sauntered into the fellowship hall with a broom looking rather disheveled.

Marty Shepherd then amused the audience with a retelling of "Rindercella" originally told by "Hee-Haw's" Archie Campbell.

Martha Taylor, NMC director of volunteer services, told the story of how the shop came to be. More than 15 years ago hospital volunteer Peggy Gainer, who has volunteered for 50 years, attended an American Hospital Association meeting to present information about a local fund-raising program.

At the meeting Gainer heard volunteers from another state talking about their successful consignment shop fund raiser and took pages of notes.

Gainer entered the hall dressed as the Fairy Godmother, waving a silver wand over the attendees.

"Peggy waved her magic wand and a generous landlord appeared with a great castle on Floyd Street," Taylor said. "Cinderella, several good step sisters and a few Prince Charmings got together to clean, paint, decorate and trim the shop.

"Just as our wise Fairy God Mother predicted, the clothes started coming in and in February 1992, the Cinderella Shop opened its doors."

Eventually the shop relocated to Morgan Plaza on Pace Street. This summer Peggy Chancey became the shop's new manager and the store's exterior was revamped.

Volunteers again helped with redecorating. Sally Losch made new curtains and Gerri Weadick custom designed the store windows.

Paschal then introduced auxiliary members Amy Larimer, Becky Ratliff and Jo Ann Owens as models wearing spring attire which can be found at the shop and reintroduced Cinderella - Martinez - in her ball gown who was escorted by Haywood Owens dressed as Prince Charming.

The Cinderella Shop is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

"Please stop by with your gently worn, clothes, clean and on hangers, and bring your friends and family to shop with our beautiful Cinderellas who are there to help," Paschal said. "And now, we have to go before the clock strikes and we turn into pumpkins."