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Y to try the newest workouts
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Exercise programs seem to evolve as quickly as the latest social media platform these days with everyone trying to get fitter faster.

The Covington Y makes sure all those evolving needs are met, and continued those practices into 2013.

For both the newest routines and the oldest truest ways of keeping in shape, the folks at 2140 Newton Drive NE have their members covered. Along with the standards such as Pilates, Zumba and group cycling classes, the Y also will offer H.I.I.T Fit, BODYPUMP and Body Rock classes.

Keeping with the newest exercise routines, such as P90X and 30-minute shred, the new programs cram a lot of fitness into a little time.

The Tabata style workout of H.I.I.T. Fit stands for high intensity interval training and works in quick circuits on an aerobic and anaerobic system. The Covington Y’s H.I.I.T. class is offered Mondays at 4:30 p.m.

“They’ll do 30 seconds of really hard work then take 10 seconds break and back to it,” Covington Y Executive Director Louly Hay-Kapp said. “It’s really high intensity and low reps.”

Another workout that combines aerobic and strength training activities is Body Rock, which incorporates all the activities into one impact workout. Body Rock is offered Fridays at 6 a.m.

“It’s a good cardio, a good work out and really gets the heart pumping,” Covington Y Wellness Director Audri Ross said.

Along with new Tabata and circuit training classes, the Y also continues to offer more classics such as Zumba and Pilates, along with all the standard equipment. The Y has weight machines, free weights treadmills and cycles to keep everyone satisfied no matter the training skill level.

Even if the skill level is one of a beginner, the Y has you covered with its Coach Approach, providing someone to get your exercise started or keep your routine going.

“We have wellness coaches on the floor for anybody that comes in,” Covington Y Membership Director Kacie Brown said. “We can show them how to use the machines. With the Coach Approach we work with them and help them work on their goals if they have any questions.”

Keeping everyone satisfied is something the Y prides itself on, being open to all ages from “6 months to 100” and doesn’t turn anyone away if they can’t come up with a payment.

“That’s the best thing about the Y, is that all shapes and sizes and socioeconomic levels and ages; everyone is welcome,” Hay-Kapp said.