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GHSA eases restrictions on locker room use
The Georgia High School Association is the governing body of high school sports in the state of Georgia. - photo by Special to The Covington News

The Georgia High School Association has lifted the last major COVID-19 restriction for high school sports Wednesday when it lifted restrictions on locker rooms, showers and group size for summer sports conditioning. 

The decision comes after GHSA Executive Director Robin Hines’ weekly meeting with his sports medicine advisory committee. Hines also encouraged school districts to review and consider modifying their plans on how to deal with positive COVID-19 cases.

‘‘I would say there are a lot of school systems that are more restrictive than (the Georgia Department of Education) recommendations, and those are local decisions that need to be made with local health-care professionals and departments of health,” Hines told the Atlanta Journal Constitution Wednesday after the meeting. ‘‘Take a look at it and adjust your plan if you feel you need to.”

Differences in school district policy around the state have led some schools to shut down summer conditioning for two weeks in response to COVID-19 cases, like George Walton Academy recently did after a football player tested positive, while others have quarantined smaller groups and played on. Most schools have reported no positive cases.

Hines noted that locker rooms must be used for dressing only, not congregating and must be sanitized after each practice.