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Five things to watch in the Newton-Alcovy boys basketball game
Caleb Byrd
Newton Rams Caleb Byrd shooting against the Salem Seminoles in the NewRock showcase. Photo by Briyanna Thompson.

COVINGTON, Ga. — The Alcovy Tigers and Newton Rams are preparing for a huge clash on Friday night, and these two teams are filled with dynamic playmakers that should have Newton High School rocking. 

With so much talent entering Newton's gym on both sides of the ball, something has got to give between these two rivals. This game could very well be on a collision course for an all-time county classic, but these five aspects will dictate the game. 

1. Byrd vs. Gerard

There's talent across the board on both the Tigers and the Rams, but when it comes to explosive play-making ability, Caleb Byrd and Oliver Gerard are unmatched. Byrd has the ability to get fans on their feet in the Rams gym tonight, while Gerard has the ability to silence the crowd with a rim-rattling dunk.

Watching these two elite playmakers go toe-to-toe will have the crowd in awe all night long and could make for a fun night in front of a packed crowd. 

2. Which Qua will reign supreme?

Tequavion "Qua" Bennamon had a slow start for the Tigers but has been relentless as of late and even led the Tigers in scoring in their game against Discovery. Bennamon will probably be the tallest guy on the court for either team, and if he can help lead the Tigers in outrebounding the Rams, then they could walk out of the Rams gym with a win.

Marquavious "Qua" Brown is arguably the best freshman in Newton County, and he's been a day one starter for the Rams. Brown gets done on every end of the court and has dynamic-dunking ability that he used to help spark the Rams to a win over top-ranked Grayson. Which Qua will have the better night? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

3. The conditioning battle

Both the Tigers and Rams have shown a tendency for running up and down the court. This is where each team's conditioning is going to play a major role and could ultimately be the difference in the game.

With each team running up and down the court from start to finish and trying to take over the transition offense and defense battle, which team will waver and show fatigue first will be something to watch.

4. Control the emotions

Just like any rivalry game, this game will have emotions running high from fans, players, and everyone in attendance. Whoever can keep the emotions in check and just play their game will be the ultimate difference. 

Emotions can often lead to mental errors and mistakes that would not happen in calmer environments. Members of both teams need to lock in and remember that this truly is just another game. 

5. Dylan Driver, Shawn Smith, Jamal Donahue, T.J. Clark, Trevon Howze ... etc. Just an outpouring of talent on the court.

Each player named above is just a few of the many talented names that fill up the rosters that make up both the Rams and Tigers rosters. The style of play varies with each athlete and makes for an interesting mash and clash of talent on the court. 

Who will stand out? Who will put the county on notice? Jamal Donahue and Oliver Gerard have already made it on SportsCenter's top plays; It will not be a surprise if that happens again from a member from either one of these teams.