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Eastside wins against Alcovy in last inning

COVINGTON, Ga. – After going five innings with little activity, the visiting Eagles stepped up the momentum in the last two innings to win the game 4-1 over Alcovy on Thursday.

At the top of the sixth inning, Eastside’s Sonny Vargas walked to first base after battling it out with Alcovy’s pitcher Dalton Smith. He then stole second base as Austin Holloway was at bat.

Holloway won his battle with Smith and walked to first base as well. Both Varags and Holloway advanced one base with a sacrifice from Cole Green and they were plated by a Ryan Shirley triple, bringing the game 2-0 in Eastside’s (6-1) favor.

The Tigers (2-6) responded with a run of their own at the bottom of the sixth inning. Jacob Spivey, who was first at bat, hit a single. He then advanced to second base and stole third base. Spivey crossed the home plate with a Chandler Hicks single, bringing the score to a close 2-1.

To secure an Eastside victory, Tanner Feeney hit a single straight through centerfield and then stole second and third base while Riley Rolston was at bat. Tigers’ defense almost caught Feeney between third base and home plate. He later was safely plated by Rolston, padding a 3-1 score.

Rolston scored the Eagles’ final run as he hit a single, stole second base and advanced to third and home plate from a sacrifice from Lawson Beshears and a single from Holloway.

Alcovy couldn’t respond at the bottom of the seventh inning.

Eastside had three hits and four errors, while Alcovy had five hits and two errors.

In the first five innings, Alcovy spent more time on offense, with more of their players advancing beyond first base.  Vargas was the only Eastside player to make it to first base safely in the first five innings. He was able to walk to first base from a ball count at the top of the third inning.

Alcovy was able to get Spivey, in the first inning, to third base before getting three outs. They were also able to get Smith, in the third inning, to third base before receiving three outs. HIcks, in the fourth inning, failed to steal second and third base as the ball beat him to third.