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White: Working together
From the Principal's Desk
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We are about to embark upon a hectic time of the school year. As winter athletics taper off and spring athletics begin, students will begin to take state-mandated tests, such as the eighth-grade Writing Assessment that occurred on last Wednesday. For school leaders, it’s also the time to begin preparation for the next academic year. While there are certainly many priorities, this time of the year excites me because it causes me to reflect on how we can engage our students, teachers, and parents in meaningful ways that will improve our school. In essence, this is a great time to focus on teamwork and cooperation. 

As a youngster, one of my favorite TV show songs was from Seseme Street. The chorus was, “Co-op-er-ation makes it hap-pen; co-op-era-tion, work-ing to-ge-ther…” This song resonates with me as principal because it reminds me of the necessity of cooperation – we cannot have a great school, school system, county, state, or nation without it! However, in order for that to occur, each individual within the organization must be willing to commit to a philosophy of interdependence rather than independence. Interdependence is depending on one other, an opportunity to use one team member’s strength to reinforce another team member’s weakness. Independence, however, is solely focused on one’s wants and desires, without consideration for the group goal.Interdependence builds sustainable high performance, and an environment of mutual respect and inclusiveness. Independence creates division and a lack of productivity. 

As we continue to build an exceptional 21st century learning institution at CMS, I invite our community to be a part of this process. Truthfully, we cannot reach our optimal level of performance without you—whether you are a volunteer, PTA member, school council member, or involved parent. We value your input and mission-minded conversations as you cooperate with us to achieve our vision of “Success for All Students.” 

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