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White: Celebrating Teachers
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As we prepare to celebrate American Education Week this is an appropriate time to reflect on the meaning and purpose of education. While student achievement and learning are our greatest responsibilities, my vision for our daily work is that we support the development of confident, informed citizens who embody mutual respect and who can think critically. However, learning is a process. We must be reminded that it takes investments from everyone — administrators, teachers, parents and community supporters — in order for our schools and students to continue to achieve at high levels. 

We must also never forget the power of a teacher. Teachers change lives — positively or negatively. Regardless of our age, we can think of our best (or our worst) teachers. Why? The research is clear — across all educational contexts, the teacher has the greatest impact on student learning! Moreover, the teacher has the power to encourage, to affirm, to nurture and to coach — even when they don’t always get to see the fruit of their labor. Each day, I can attest that our teachers are making a difference in the lives of our students. So, rather than focusing on a persistent narrative of negativity, can we not consider all the positive ways that teachers and schools are supporting students? It’s time for a change in perspective. It’s time to recognize the outstanding individuals that give of themselves daily and get back up the next day to do it all over again. It’s time to celebrate TEACHERS! 

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