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West Va. man arrested for Conyers auto breakins
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A West Virginia man was arrested last week and will face thefts and drug possession charges for stealing items out of vehicles.

Timothy Alan Ward, 33, was captured by law enforcement in Spartanburg, South Carolina on June 18. Conyers Police (CPD) suspected he was responsible for a rash of entered auto thefts that occurred along Pine Log Road the night of June 14.

CPD first encountered Ward earlier that day when he was sleeping in the passenger side of his friend's car, which was parked in the parking lot at Wal-Mart, 1436 Dogwood Dr.,Conyers. Ward was the only one in the car, so the cop performed a "welfare check on him," said CPD spokesperson Kim Lucas.

"It was extremely hot and he was sleeping with the windows up," said Lucas. "The officer wanted to make sure he was OK."

When the officer woke Ward and asked him for identification, Ward allegedly gave him a stolen ID that belonged to an Atlanta resident. He was subsequently arrested, and the officer found a "crack pipe" on his person.

On the way to the Rockdale County Jail, Ward kept complaining to the officer about his shoulder was hurting. After receiving medical attention and being cleared by paramedics, Ward then told the officer he felt like he was going through withdrawal, according to police.

Ward was then taken to the Rockdale Medical Center for treatment. He then left the hospital of his own free will.

After his short hospital stint, he started allegedly stealing things out of people's cars, which were unlocked, to try to scrape together some money to meet up with his friends, who had already left the area, says Lucas.

"He was knocking on doors and asking to use people cellphones," she said. "We suspected it was the same guy from the Wal-Mart incident earlier."

Ward is currently still in Spartanburg awaiting extradition.