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Welcome to your Weekend: Saturdays Exist for Festivals
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Before Georgia's oppressive heat forces us to retreat inside for ice cubes, air conditioning, and unapologetic daytime television marathons, let's take a weekend to frolic. It's that magical time of year, pre-triple digit heat waves, where Saturdays exist for festivals that invite you to wander through impossibly green parks with a drink in your hand.

If you don't think there is anything weird about the combination of cycle enthusiasts and artists, then you might be a hipster. A vintage Hawaiian shirt and modern skinny jeans? You'd rock that. Violin infused dubstep? It's the first song on your playlist. If you haven't had the chance, it's time to immerse yourself in the historic Fourth Ward scene. New Belgium's Paint and Pedal festival celebrates the local artist culture and the ever-growing cycling community simultaneously. Local artists will be in the midst of creating live art walls throughout the afternoon while hand painted bikes get auctioned off. New Belgium beer will be available, so you can sip and stroll. There'll also be food trucks a plenty, because the fastest way to draw an Atlanta crowd is to raise your eyebrows mischievously, if you possess the brow line coordination to do so, and whisper the phrase "King of Pops might show up."

So maybe you aren't a hipster. Maybe the only part of the above description that made your heart leap with anticipation was when I promised you New Belgium beer. Never fear, the East Atlanta Beer Fest will be here in Brownwood Park to quench your thirst. Pay a little extra for a VIP pass and you'll get in early, avoid lines, and have access to an additional beer selection and a covered pavilion.

So hail to the festivals, and hail to the drinkers of delicious beer, and hail to the hipsters without whom we never would have experienced the joy of an Arnold Palmer in popsicle form.