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Welcome to Your Weekend: Pumpkin-caramel-ginger-fall-explosion

It's time to welcome fall with open arms. Actually, you should have some kind of specialty pumpkin flavored coffee concoction in one hand, so give fall an awkward yet loving side hug. The leaves may not be turning and the sweaters may still be hiding at the back of your closet, but fall is upon us. Okay, technically it doesn't officially start until September 22nd, but if you take another sip of your pumpkin-caramel-ginger-fall-explosion latte you'll feel more at ease about kicking off your harvest season celebration a little early this year.

One of the most joyous hallmarks of the fall season is the Gwinnett County Fair. The cool evening breezes allow for pleasant strolls through the colorful twirling attractions at the nightly carnival. Admission for the event ranges from $0-$5 so you can load up the car with all the sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents you can fit in one minivan. Once you're there you can spin yourself silly on the huge assortment of rides or chow down on traditional fair food (why hello there, funnel cakes). And what would a fair be without games and prizes? Show off your hand-eye coordination skill and win yourself an oversized bear. The Gwinnett County Fair doesn't limit itself to evening excitement, though. During the daytime, you can expect to see a wide array of contests and shows. There'll be kid shows a plenty complete with balloon animals and magic tricks, as well as daily livestock shows. The Miss Gwinnett Pageant kicks off this weekend with a different age category performing every evening. See who takes the crown for each division: Baby, Toddler, Young Junior, Young, and Miss Gwinnett.

To further your preliminary fall adventures, join the Southern Heartland Art Gallery for a fall-themed Artful Harvest Show. The exhibit features two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces from talented local artists from Newton, Walton, Rockdale, Morgan, and Henry County. Browse through the rows of amazing work and drink in the beautifully warm hues of fall. This show will be up for a long time, and is free to the public, so you can take a leisurely stroll through the art anytime you want. Who knows, maybe staring intently at each artists' interpretation of fall may get your own creative juices flowing. If that happens, you can speak to a representative from the Southern Heartland Gallery about signing up for weekly classes so that you can one day produce your own seasonal d├ęcor, or simply head to your local craft store to stock up on supplies.

Go forth, my fall minions, and celebrate. May your weekend be filled with handmade burlap wreaths, anticipatory scarf purchases, and all things pumpkin. Oh, and happy (sort of) fall.

Welcome to your Weekend