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Welcome to your weekend, Decision making style.
Oh, grand maker of decisions...

Here’s the deal. If I were forced to choose between telling you about engaging new books, cupcakes with perfectly swirled dollops of icing, or immaculate bouquets of bright flowers, then my brain would implode from the internal struggle. So, in order to keep my peace of mind, I suppose I will have to tell you where to find each of these lovely options this weekend and allow you, oh grand maker of decisions, to make the final call.

The first time a child connects with literature is nothing short of magic. Be a part of the enchantment with the Irene Irwin Children’s Literary Day at the Olde Town Pavilion this Sunday. Several celebrated authors will be there to get to know their young readers and talk to them in detail about each story. If you like what you hear, then there will be plenty of books for that will help your kiddo fill in the gaps in their bookshelf. Fuel up with $1 slices of Mellow Mushroom pizza while you show around. Your budget may protest buying a new stack of books, so complimentary gently used children’s books will be readily available. Stopping by the craft area to decorate a special souvenir of your own is a necessity.

I’m instantly sold on any event with “cupcake” in the title. Cupcake and Bungee Jumping Session? Sure. Cupcake and a Basket Weaving Workshop? Sounds reasonable. Lips & Tips Nail Salon presents you with the much tamer Cupcakes, Conversations, and Cocktails (another attractive word). Get ready to network with other Rockdale and Metro Atlanta professionals while furthering your own business. General admission is free, but paid packages include practical perks for getting your logo out to the masses via both print and social media. Check out the Topaz, Sapphire, or Diamond package to see what benefits appeal to you and your growing business. Charm your peers with dessert in one hand and a glass in the other.

Get some dirt under your nails and learn how to take your home garden to the next level with the 10th Annual Master Gardener Festival hosted by the Rockdale 4-H club at the Parker Road Facility. The plant festival features plenty of ready-to-go plants from trusted vendors, as well as specialty gardening tools tailored to suit your outdoor purposes. If you lack the necessary skills, or you want to build on your solid foundations, then you can catch one of the seminars or ask a professional for tips on your particular project. The festival also supplies children’s activities so even the tiniest gardeners will have busy hands throughout the afternoon.


Now, friend, I have relayed all the pertinent information and can luxuriate in the knowledge that all the decision making has been passed on to you. Although when you’re dealing with flowers, dessert, and great books, wrong choices don’t really exist. Happy deciding!

Welcome to your weekend.