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Welcome to your Weekend: Being Uniquely You
Being Uniquely You

There’s nothing more refreshing than a little self-expression. Whether it’s crafting a few lines of poetry, singing a song you would never tell your friends you like into your hairbrush microphone, or painting tiny smiling cats on your finger nails, it’s always a delight to do something that is uniquely you. Sometimes simply looking at what other people have made can inspire you, so don’t rule out browsing other people’s creations as a way to motivate yourself to get out there and get expressing. 

If your brand of self-expression is ink and paper, then try out The Sketching Pad’s Illustration Workshop this Saturday. Learn how to simplify human anatomy and design your own characters under the instruction of experienced illustrators. Create your own dynamic characters and see how you can take your ideas from your imagination to the page in front of you. The goal of this workshop is to provide you with a foundation for dreaming up your own characters, so you’ll have the tools you need to craft characters in the future. The cost of the workshop includes your supplies for the afternoon and plenty of expert instruction. 

If you’re interested in looking through some colorful works of art, then head to Folkfest, a celebration of the rich world of Folk Art. Folk art thrives on celebrating cultural and spiritual heritage. The loose style of painting and drawing relies heavily on connecting with the audience on an emotional level. Come check out a huge selection of beautiful and functional pieces including sculptures, bird houses, basins, home décor, light fixtures, ceramics, and more at the 2014 Folkfest at the North Atlanta Trade Center. At least one hundred exhibitors will bring their wares to display and sell to the public. Take home a piece of the experience with a one-of-a-kind souvenir and take advantage of the opportunity to talk to the artisans about their creative process. 

Yes, even buying art is a way to express yourself. Purchasing and displaying art showcases your own concept of what is beautiful. For more stunning art, head to Piedmont Park. This year’s Piedmont Park Arts Festival includes a wide array of beautiful art work and a children’s area where youngsters can engage in the arts community. If you work up an appetite strolling through green fields and rows of art-stuffed tents you can stop by the local gourmet food trucks for a snack and a drink. There’s even a chance to participate in the attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records Longest Human Chain to Pass a Hula Hoop. 

If fashion is your passion, then drop by the Mall of Georgia to experience the Simon and Teen Vogue “ABC’s of Fashion” event. Get great styling tips from the pros during their fashion presentation. There’ll be prizes and giveaways for lucky participants. Grab your wallet as Cody Simpson, famed Australian Pop singer, begins to serenade you  and head to one of the nearby retailers to take advantage of their sales. Put together your own runway ready outfit and get ready to strut. 

May your weekend be filled with the weirdness and beauty that only you can create.

Welcome to your weekend.